Lead Dawg: Jeff Hammock

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Jeff Hammock's patience as young Grasshopper pays off

Some say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Jeff Hammock (BSA – Landscape Management, ’98) believes the grass is greener where you mow it.

For more than two decades, Hammock has had a working relationship with Grasshopper Mowers, first as a loyal customer and now as a representative, working with dealers and helping promote the company’s brand.

His relationship with the company began in 1993 when he bought his very first Grasshopper mower for his homegrown lawn and maintenance business. When he enrolled at the University of Georgia, he brought his business, and his mower, with him. Hammock ran his business while taking a full load of classes, paying his way through college.

“I started mowing lawns at 13 to try and earn some money, so it’s something I knew,” said Hammock of his decision to study landscape management.

When he graduated, he already had a job lined up with Grasshopper Mowers and he’s worked with them ever since. Hammock attributes his success to his experiences at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, his youthful entrepreneurship, and his long personal relationship with Grasshopper’s product.

Hammock lives in Midland, Georgia, with his wife, Kristin, and their 14-year-old twin sons, Chase and Cole. He’s passed on his skills to the twins, who know how to manage all the lawn equipment and have traveled with their dad for his work.

Loyalty and cultivating relationships have been indispensable in his career. “We’re a tight-knit, family-owned company and we build a great product,” Hammock said.

By Sage Barnard

Jeff Hammock and Joe Richburg
Jeff Hammock, right, and Grasshopper dealer Joe Richburg hold the trophy for the Grasshopper Pro Late Model 125 in March. Richburg owns JR’s Lawnmower Shop in Opp, Alabama, which sponsors the annual race. (Photo contributed)