From Four Towers

I graduated from UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in December 1977 with a degree in Agronomy and became a member of our UGA CAES Alumni Association. I then came home to work on our family farm in Jeff Davis County. During my time as a UGA student I learned about the land-grant mission, but it was not until I was a farmer that I gained complete understanding of the three pillars of the land-grant mission — education, research and extension. Before my first year of farming, I had experienced only one part of the land-grant mission, that being education. In farming, however, I had opportunities to experience the value of our college’s wealth of research and the delivery of that research to the farm and to the rest of society through extension.

Education is a crucial part of UGA CAES’s mission, and the hands-on delivery of knowledge to the farmer is essential. Without research, there would be no new information to teach nor knowledge to deliver. This issue of Southscapes features “Live from the Lab,” which focuses on the essential research being done by our faculty, ranging from microbiome research to the use of lasers to make bones heal faster.

Where we go in agriculture is determined by what we do with what we have learned on our journeys. One of the most productive environments for advancement comes from our college’s research. Please join with your Alumni Association as we celebrate the great work of our UGA CAES research faculty.

Van McCall
(BSA – Agronomy, ’77)
President, CAES Alumni Association

Van McCall headshot