From Four Towers

Our college is solving some of Georgia’s, and the world’s, most significant challenges. The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Alumni Association is taking steps to ensure that we continue to provide meaningful support for the college’s pursuit of progress and innovation.

This past February, a group of alumni gathered at the Four Towers Building to begin developing a strategic plan for the association. The 18-person committee represented a broad cross section of our graduates. These volunteers, some newly engaged in the association, brought innovative ideas and constructive feedback as to how we could move our association forward.

In the months that followed, our alumni board adopted the following mission: “To connect, engage and celebrate alumni, students and friends of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.” In our five-year plan, we committed to six strategic goals that relate to themes of alumni enrichment, communication, governance, recognition, resource development and student connections. 

To accomplish these big goals, one of our first endeavors was recruiting highly engaged volunteers to fill our expanded, 24-person board. Our new board met in June to develop a strategy to involve committee members who reflect the diversity of our graduates. We invite you to connect, or perhaps reconnect, with the CAES Alumni Association during this exciting time!  

Our website, at, highlights plenty of opportunities to get involved. Come join us, and go Ag Dawgs!

Joel McKie, BSA - Agribusiness, '05