Lead Dogs and Alumni News

From Four Towers

Joel McKie talks about the future of the CAES Alumni Association and ways to get involved

Sixty Years of Thanks

Bob Whitaker has donated annually for the past 60 years to show appreciation for the scholarship he received

Lead Dawg Justin Schmidt

Justin Schmidt endured more than 80 types of stings to study eusociality in insects

Boilermaker Special

Donya Lester pioneered agricultural alumni relations at UGA and Purdue

Flavor of Georgia

Jamie Foster's nutty idea paid off with win

Helping Sunbelt Shine

Chip Blalock promotes agribusiness through the Sunbelt Expo

Peanut Protector

Abraham Fulmer's study of foliar disease aids international peanut production

Farmer of the Year

Everett Williams recognized for his dairy industry advocacy

Full Circle

Mary Ann Parsons takes helm of CAES Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Five under 40

Five CAES Alumni Named to UGA Alumni Association's 40 Under 40

Moodern Amenities

Renovated classroom at the UGA Teaching Dairy helps students milk their education