Lead Dogs and Alumni News

Kris Braman: Natural Selection

Longtime College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences researcher and professor Kris Braman named head of Department of Entomology

Harald Scherm: Leader of the Path

Crop disease researcher, professor, assistant dean for research named head of the Department of Plant Pathology

Taking Care of Business

Alumni celebrate the golden anniversary of the Georgia Agribusiness Council

Toby Palmer: Entomologist on Watch

Lt. Cmdr. Toby Palmer, CAES alumnus, is one of 38 active-duty entomologists in the U.S. Navy, one of the rarest jobs in that military branch

Javier Mantilla: Business is Blooming

Alumnus Javier Mantilla is the sales manager for Muchflowers Group, Ecuador's largest exporter of baby's breath 

Philip Gentry: Fairing Quite Well

Alumnus Philip Gentry channeled his love for agricultural education from the classroom to the fairgrounds

Katelyn Clements: Educator's Impact will STEM from Fellowship

Alumna Katelyn Clements is one of 60 Georgians to receive a 2016 Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellowship