From Four Towers

Learning outside the classroom is one of the things that is special about the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – it’s not just an education, it’s an experience.

CAES faculty provide students with study abroad programs to destinations such as Costa Rica, Europe, Romania and Scotland. These opportunities enable students to receive hands-on experience and course credit.

Students are able to participate in service-learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. These valuable experiences will allow them to impact their communities.

Internships are a great opportunity for future graduates to experience the workforce and learn about the industry that they will be working for in the near future. These internships range from University of Georgia employment, to Disney World, to major agricultural industries and to international companies. Many of these internships are supported by you, our alumni.

One of the new opportunities for students is a spring break tour of Georgia’s largest industry. I had an opportunity to visit with these students during their stop in east Georgia and was impressed with the diversity of majors and hometowns of these participants. I look forward to seeing how this experience continues to grow in the future.

The power of our UGA education multiplies when we help today’s students. Please contact our alumni director, Suzanne Griffeth, at 706-542-5264 or and let her know how CAES can help you impact a student’s life by supporting an experiential learning opportunity!

Elliott Marsh
CAES Alumni Association