Extension How-To: Grow Your Greens

Veggies are trending. As our population grows and becomes more thoughtful about food, the demand for greens is blossoming. In 2016, per capita vegetable consumption was up to 381.2 pounds in the U.S., a 1.9 percent increase from the previous year, according to the “2017 Georgia Ag Forecast Situation and Outlook Reports.”

If you’ve been meaning to cultivate your own quality, high-yield garden to supplement your diet and save your dollars, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension can help you tend your crop. Check out the following publications from UGA Extension agents, horticulturists and Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, and remember — with rigorous work comes vigorous veggies!

Vegetable Gardening in Georgia (C 963)

There is nothing quite like a home garden to supply you and your family with a variety of nutritious vegetables that can be enjoyed fresh or preserved for later use. When space is limited, a plentiful supply of crops can be grown with a few, properly tended plants.

Home Garden Series: Vegetable Garden Calendar (C 943)

You can plant or harvest something from your garden almost all year. The monthly recommendations in the vegetable calendar can be used as a guide to planning and implementing your garden work.

Home Garden Series: Starting Plants from Seed for the Home Gardener (B 1432)

A number of plants — particularly vegetables, annuals and herbs — can be grown from seed. There are several advantages to propagating plants from seed. Seeds are relatively inexpensive, allowing the home gardener to get many plants for the price of a few transplants.

UGA faculty provide research-based, peer-reviewed information and recommendations to the public through Extension publications.

By Erin Yates

Photo from Thinkstock