How's it Growing?

Whether you have acres of lawn or a container garden on your stoop, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension can help you grow your curb appeal. Extension horticulturists, plant pathologists, and crop and soil scientists provide research-based information that you can use to improve your home landscape. To learn about what to grow in your plant hardiness zone or how to protect against grass diseases, check out UGA Extension lawn and garden publications like these:

Care of Ornamental Plants in the Landscape (Bulletin 1065)
Most established ornamental plants require care to stay healthy and attractive. Regular fertilization, pruning, watering, mulching and pest control are all part of a good landscape management program. This publication provides guidelines for the care of established ornamental plants in the landscape and addresses low-maintenance alternatives to traditional cultural practices throughout.

Common Landscape Diseases in Georgia (Bulletin 1238)
Knowledge about Georgia’s common landscape plant diseases allows both professional and amateur growers to better fight disease and produce healthy plants. This bulletin describes some of the most troublesome diseases of Georgia’s landscape plants, helping you to identify plant diseases and plan methods of treatment.

Landscape Plants for Georgia (Bulletin 625)
Need to know what to grow? This publication includes a list of plants appropriate for Georgia organized into various sizes and groups. The design qualities of plants — their form, size, color and texture — are emphasized according to the principles and requirements of good landscape design and plant maintenance. The bulletin also considers hardiness and disease- and insect-resistant qualities.

UGA faculty provide unbiased, peer-reviewed information and recommendations to the public through Extension publications.

By Erin Yates