New Associate State 4-H Leader Has Roots in UGA Extension

Sue Chapman
Associate State 4-H Leader
UGA Extension

New Associate State 4-H Leader Sue Chapman believes in 4-H and all that it has to offer to the youth of Georgia.

Chapman grew up just north of Atlanta in Cherokee County, Georgia, and received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Georgia. She completed her master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology at Valdosta State University before returning to UGA to get her doctorate in adult education.

Chapman initially started working with UGA Cooperative Extension as the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension state coordinator for nine years. She has spent the last seven years working for UGA’s public service and outreach unit, Archway Partnership, connecting communities with higher education resources to address locally identified community and economic development needs.

In her current role, she assists in the day-to-day operations of the 4-H Youth Development program throughout the state, working with both state office faculty and UGA Extension agents.

Chapman’s first weeks involved an intense familiarization process, learning all about Georgia 4-H.

In the midst of gearing up for State Council, State Congress and other large events related to Georgia 4-H, Chapman said her biggest challenge was getting a handle on the many programs and activities that make up Georgia 4-H.

“One of the greatest potentials that we have is to capitalize on the great work that we already do,” Chapman said.