Geneticists Gather to Celebrate Joe Key, Plant Center

Photo by Merrit Melancon

This May, more than 200 leading plant scientists, including several alumni and former faculty of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, came together to celebrate Joe Key, former faculty member and University of Georgia vice president for research, as well as the 30th anniversary of the Plant Center at UGA, the interdepartmental research center that supports genetic plant research. The celebration was held in conjunction with the annual Plant Center Symposium.

“The 30th anniversary of the Plant Center was celebrated by the recognition of Dr. Joe Key, a former faculty member and administrator at UGA, who transformed the plant sciences and research while at UGA,” said Scott Jackson, director of the CAES Center for Applied Genetic Technologies and one of the event’s organizers. “This was evident in the quality of the speakers, former students, postdocs and colleagues that he hired.”

Joe Key (center, in black sport coat) stands with dozens of former and current plant scientists who helped turn UGA into a powerhouse in the world of genetics and plant breeding.