Javier Mantilla

Muchflowers Group, Ecuador's largest exporter of baby's breath. Photo by Angela Rowell

Business is Blooming

Javier Mantilla (MS – Horticulture, ’10), a native of Quito, Ecuador, grew up with close ties to agriculture. Raised watching his father and family’s involvement in the agricultural export business, Mantilla sought to learn about the worldwide structure of the agricultural industry and how other countries feed the world.

Mantilla studied agricultural engineering at Zamorano University in Honduras before attending the University of Georgia to complete his master’s degree in horticulture.

Currently, Mantilla works as sales manager of Muchflowers Group, Ecuador’s largest exporter of baby’s breath. The company manages sales from four flower farms, employing more than 700 people who export fresh-cut flowers daily to markets all over the world, including those in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Russia, China and United Arab Emirates.

With the ever-changing nature of the industry, Mantilla believes there is a constant need for the business to evolve.

“Cut flowers are one of the most perishable products I’ve ever known,” said Mantilla. “The time margin to close a sale is limited, therefore we need an aggressive sales plan and close relationship with our clients.”

In addition to providing consumers throughout the world with vibrant, fresh-cut flowers, Muchflowers has improved lives in the rural sector by providing workers with stable jobs.

“If our workers are happy with their jobs and trust in our company, my customers will receive the most beautiful and amazing flowers,” said Mantilla.

When he’s not at his desk, Mantilla can be found at the farms. During his visits, he provides advice to the production team and evaluates the production status.

While his career keeps him busy, Mantilla remains passionate about his work and the people he is able to reach through beautiful, fresh flowers.